Sweet Professional The First 3.0 UltraConditioner 34.55 oz (980G)

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Product Description

THE FORMULA CREATED FOR THE FIRST CONDITIONER 3.0 is exclusive, with almond oil, amino acid complex and an acid blend present in The First Shampoo.

The First Conditioner promotes an intense hydration, with antistatic action, shine, soft ness, movement, hair strengthening, protection against chemical and physical damage; apart from boosting the result of any treatment done with The First, leaving a silky feeling and improving the hair’s hydration.


After applying The First Shampoo (keeping the break time recommended in the protocols), apply The First Conditioner over the entire length of the strands covering lock by lock. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and carry out the straightening process according to the chosen protocol, observing the temperature of the iron according to the hair’s health.