G.HAIR B-Tox 1 Kg

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Product Description

Extends the results of volume reduction and hair realignment effect, contributing to the reduction of frizz, leaving the hair softer and smoother.

Developed with acids and grape extract, rich in vitamins E, C and beta carotene, it hydrates and recomposes the hair fiber, offering the realignment of the hair from the its first use, contributing to healthy growth, making the hair stronger.

B-Tox G.HAIR s smoother, healthier, shining hair. It has effective and instant action anti-volume and frizz leaving your hair super silky, soft and with intense shine. Its special formula contains a unique sum of amino acids, vitamins, collagen and keratin.

Recommended: For all types of hair.

Results: It recovers hair harmed by chemicals, achieving a deep hydration in the hair fibers, without leaving the hair heavy or oily; it s to reduce the volume.

How to use: Wash the hair with a G.HAIR Deep Cleansing Shampoo of your choice. - Apply G Hair Hair Botox all over the hair, allowing a 2 cm from the roots. - Comb the hair to maximise the effect of the product into the hair fibres. - Let the product act for 20 to 40 minutes. - Rinse gently and remove all excess moisture with a towel. - Do a blow-dry and finish with a hot iron to prolong the treatment effect.

Try G Hair Botox Hair and surprise yourself with the results!