Exo Hair Professional Ultratech Keratin Brazilian Exoplastia

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Product Description

ExoHair capillary exoplasty is an important nanotechnological resource in the structural treatment of capillary hair. Developed exclusively through the nanoparticulation of EXOVITIN® molecules, this product crosses the cuticle, sticking deep into the capillary cortex. It forms a structural strengthening protein network inside and outside the wire, leaving hair more smooth and shiny.

If you want to use, after Nanotech Keratin, sodium hydroxide, lithium and guanidine type chemicals, wait at least 2 months. Always perform the wick test before any type of smoothing in order to ensure the safety of the procedure.

Nanotech Keratin: It can be used in any type of hair, as long as it meets the normal resistance. Wet a wick and draw 10 wires at the ends. If it breaks easily do not use.

How To Use:

-Wash your hair with Exo Access Shampoo as many times as necessary to fully remove all residue, keeping the product on hair for 3 minutes on the last application. Rinse with abundant water without leaving any shampoo left. Removes moisture completely with the aid of a blow-dryer.

-After Separating hair into four sections, apply Exo Ultratech Keratin strand by strand, at half a centimeter from the scalp, from roots to ends. Gently run a fine tooth comb through hair to distribute the product evenly.

-Leave product on hair for 30 minutes.

-Rinse hair only with warm or cold water until product is fully removed; dry it completely. In case of rebel hair, it's possible to blow dry it to better align the strands and facilitate the next step.

-Use the flat iron on completely dry, slightly, pulled and perfectly aligned thin strands, at a temperature of 190 to 230 ° C for at least 12 times or more, slowly achieving perfect hair alignment and intense shine. There is no need to wash hair immediately.

IMPORTANT: avoid temperatures above 190ºC in blond, red or light-colored hair. No need to wash your hair immediately. Waiting for 24 to 48 hours to wash hair helps in the polymerization of Exovitin® Nanoparticles. It is strongly recommended to use the Exotrat Nano line in order to optimize the fantastic results obtained with Exo Nanotech Keratin.