Zap Colágeno dos Fios

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Product Description

Zap Collagen is an invigorating treatment that helps rejuvenate hair, a formula enriched with Collagen and Keratin, capable of providing much shine, flexibility, softness, hydration, alignment, and strengthening of hair.

Colágeno dos Fios Zap Professional is a treatment for damaged, lifeless and frizzy hair.

It was elaborated to provide the hair with a more intense treatment, reconstructing the entire capillary fiber, leaving the hair aligned and with a natural look.

Colágeno dos Fios Zap has a composition rich in collagen that sends the strands rejuvenated, leaving them stronger and more resistant to external damage. Collagen is also very important to keep hair well hydrated, soft and healthy.

It promotes intense cleaning of the hair. It removes any built-up waste that makes hair dull, heavy and lifeless. This prepares the hair for treatment with the hair mask.

Keratin Treatment
It provides an intense treatment for the hair and restores the entire hair fiber and strengthens the hair alignment with natural effect.

It is rich in collagen, which strengthens and protects the hair. The mask is an ideal part of hair care, promoting extra hydration, intense shine, extreme softness and perfectly healthy hair.

How to use:
1. With wet hair, apply the shampoo. Wash and repeat at least twice. Rinse thoroughly.
3. Divide the hair and dry using a dryer into four parts. Apply the mask evenly along the entire length of the hair.
4. Dry the hair completely and go with a flat iron from top to bottom with small strands of hair. Rinse thoroughly and finish as desired.